Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Killer Exams Attack!

Man o man I'm deep in the books.

I hate Calculus, and I'm not afraid to say it.

No real posting until after May 4th.
Perhaps a drive-by post between now and then but then again....


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Almost There!

May 4th will be my last exam!


SO looking forward to having my evenings again and having time to do all of the things that need to be done.

Have not even looked at when exactly the fall semester starts and right now I don't care. It will get here soon enough.

Had an interesting conversation last night after Calculus (aka Torture 101) with a fellow student. She is taking a persuasive speech class and asked me to take a look at her material and provide critique.

The speech was about legalizing euthanasia and she had very pursuasive arguments. Terri Schiavo is one example that she is going to talk about.
The idea she presented was that if euthanasia were legal, the option of pulling the feeding tube would've been a non-issue.
Euthanasia is far more humane to the individual than starving them to death via pulling the tube. I have to agree 100%.

She pointed out how pet owners put their pet 'down' for humane reasons. Offering to play devil's advocate, I challenged that position on the basis of comparing animals with humans. She promptly answered the challenge with an articulate and intelligent rebuttal.

We then went on to discuss the other aspects of that episode and how traumatic it must have been for everyone involved. And then, ya know, the politcal stuff..... Ok ok ok, I kinda injected that part.

Back to the exam week and blah blah.
I think once these next couple of weeks are behind me there will be more time to spend on The Pepper Farm. I need to learn how to dress the Farm up a little bit.

Definitely will be moving away from the political stuff as there are plenty out there doing it better than I ever will, and will be moving more towards essays and stories and just general web logging.

I've got some interesting friends and acquaintences, not to mention a family of loons (no offense to loons, ornithology is hobby of mine), and of course my own dull adventures to write about.

The whole Pope spectacle is fascinating on many levels. I really want to visit the Sistine Chapel just to look at Michaelangelo's work. Have seen plenty of photos, but seeing the process on the tube really showed how magnificant that Chapel is.

So, that's another place to add to the 'places to visit as soon as I can find the time and money to go there'.

I am a total atheist, but believe in the human need for spirituality. We all seek spirituality in some form or another.

THAT's another topic for another day!

Monday, April 18, 2005


It’s happy warm fuzzy story time here at the Pepper Farm and after reading and perusing my favorite news and blogs sources I’m happy to report that…um…warm fuzzy commentary on the morning’s finds are…uh…in the making. Yeah, that’s it, in the making.

I tilled up a section of the back yard yesterday, ready for planting! I have 4 tomato plants ready, everything else is still in seed form. I am a bit late on that germination thing but hey, I’m a busy fucktard.

The current breakdown will be 6 Thai peppers, 12 and 12 Jalapeno/Serrano, and 6 Cayenne’s. The Thai peppers are originally from a Thai garden that were raised by the mom of the Chef at the Thai Diner Too! in Carytown. I got them 3 years ago, harvested more Thai peps than any one man could eat, and have saved the seeds waiting, waiting I say, for the day when I could grow them in my own yard. Yayyyy! Having purchased (signed my life away) my beautiful and humble abode last July, I’m finally getting around to putting the yard together.

There will also be the usual yellow squash and zuccini, and long rows of snap beans. Once the snap beans get going, there is enough to eat every day.

I live in the city, so a chicken house is out of the question, but wouldn't it be great to have fresh eggs daily? We had chickens when I was a kid and it was my job to go into the henhouse and get the eggs. The chickens didn't mind much but they were constantly were trying to peck my toes off. My neighbor taught me how to whistle like a chicken hawk, and lo and behold when I would do this all of the chickens would shut up completely and huddle together in the corner. It did not last long, but long enough for me to grab the eggs. Whistlin' while grabbin' eggs was the procedure.

It was much easier to gather the duck eggs up, as they would just randomly lay them anywhere in the yard. We used to get double yolks alot with the duck eggs.

This is the first real summer in my home, so no school this summer for me. The power company will bury my power cable in the next 4-5 days, I have a Biology test, a Calculus test, and……a big black walnut tree in the middle of the back yard that is coming down! Down I say!

The power line, which is ancient and has lost all insulation, is currently right in the middle of that tree. When the wind blows the limbs produce a spark or two and I’ll be glad that no longer happens. After this tree comes down, the stump gets ground and then the manicuring of the weeds…uh…grass begins.

I really want to make enough room for a badminton/volley ball net. I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces all under 11 that will need entertainment on occasion. Plus, I really want to have a housewarming party and play drunk volleyball. I’m thinking drunk badminton is a bad idea in that people will have tequila and a racquet in hand, and that just smells like an injury to me.

The rules will be: take as many hits as needed to get the ball over the net. If you score a point your team will either a) take a shot or b) make the other team take a shot or c) everyone takes a shot regardless. I’m guessing after the 3rd point is scored rule c) will become the norm.

Ok, so much for the warm fuzzy stuff.

In other news, Bill Frist and the Family Research Council are ready to hang, tar and feather, and impale those ‘activist judges’ that allowed Terri Schiavo to die of thirst. Go here and follow the trail, enlighten your mind, expand your horizons and above all, THINK about the fact that there are droves of these people out there and they want power, massive unadulterated power.

Oh, and let's not forget that Tom DeLay said "those judges will have to answer for this" regarding Terri Schiavo.

Have a warm and fuzzy and spring like Monday.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Floggin' the Horse

Gotta start mixing up the Pepper Farm.

Reading news item after news item of GOP fuck-ups is getting old.
Same shit every day.

Seems like there are ten million blogs out there that hash and rehash this topic over and over and do a much better job of it than me. I just don't have the talent to disassemble these goons without my head exploding.

Ha! I've become an angry liberal.

I will mention that Bush was booed by the crowd when his face was shown on the big screen at the Pope’s funeral. Just as well, his trip is purely political and is evidenced by his remarks following the event.

Not to worry though. I’ll still point out the ball being portrayed as a cube every now and again.

It’s not the Bush is a complete failure as a President, or as a leader of the greatest nation on the globe, but that so many people defend his actions when his actions are so obviously morally and intellectually bankrupt.

The conservative party has either a) morphed into it’s true self or b) been hijacked by the religious right.

If there is a c) option, please tell me about it.

Next week: Happy warm fuzzy spring like topics. (cough cough)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Say it like that announcer guy does and guess what?

It’s still a Monday.

My last few posts after a recent hiatus have been labeled liberal rants by some of my fratelli conservatori.

Well, yeah. That’s what they are and I guess that’s what I am.

Here’s a more witty rant to enjoy.

Take this unscientific quiz to find out where you might stand. I scored as a realist, right along with Dwight D. Eisenhower and Colin Powell. Interestingly enough, Colin Powell is the ONLY person in the current admin that I thought had any sense, mostly because he was the only moderate. He’s gone now.

Some interesting news from the White House.

Look close at how Bush answered Holland’s question with the non-answer.

Gotta hand it to Bush. He came into this presidency not all that bright and not really a politician. He’s pretty much a politician now.

Some great text here on Schiavo and DeLay, in separate accounts.

Well kiddies, that’s all the liberal ranting I can do today.

Until next time…

Friday, April 01, 2005

No Kidding!?!

It has been obvious for some time now that Saddam was not involved with WMD’s nearly to the extent Bush & Co. implied. Ok, not at all.

Bush has said repeatedly that “knowing what I know now, I would’ve still gone into Iraq.” Does that mean anything to you?

Let me rephrase what he said: “I’m going to war with Iraq, regardless.”

So, and correct me if I’m wrong, the WMD’s storyline was fabricated by tenuous evidence at best. ‘Evidence’ being the operative word here.

I saw the show Colin Powell put on for the U.N. I was quite skeptical of it then, due to the fact that inspectors were already in Iraq and had been for some time and were saying that WMD’s just were not there.

Saddam was under an international microscope. His neighbors hated him. He was a dictator trying to save face in a hostile neighborhood that was in part pissed at him because of the first Gulf War. Didn’t see any country in the middle east rushing to ally up with Iraq the first time around did we? Nor the second.

An argument could be made that nobody allied with Iraq due to the fact it was the U.S. they were fighting and surely nobody wants to go up against the U.S.

Using that logic, and the previous logic (mine), and any other logic you want to use, Saddam was not a “threat to the security of the world” in any catastrophic sense.

Does anyone truly believe that Saddam was a threat to the world and possessed WMD’s at this stage of the game, meaning today? I understand some people were duped by Bushies overblown hyperbole and rhetoric and fear in the beginning, but do those same people still believe the threat and the terrorist connections Saddam supposedly enjoyed?

Ok. We’ve got a two-term prez that led us into a war based on false premises and faulty intelligence.

We’ve got a privatization of social security plan that makes as much sense as the war in Iraq. No specifics from the preznit, just lots of “ it’s broken it’s broken it’s broken.”

We’ve got the Bushies involving the government at the highest level in a private family manner. Save Schiavo! Wait, didn’t Bush sign into law something that might counter his current photo op? What about states rights that are supposedly one of the hallmarks of conservatism?

We’ve got Texan Tom Delay, ‘nuff said.

We’ve got this.

We’ve got this too.

Fiscal skills.

Let’s not forget the military service of this administration.

Who won those Presidential debates?

Which candidate actually fought in a war, got shot at, those kinds of things?

Somebody please explain the rationale for voting for Bush, and more importantly are you happy with your decision and the outcome?

If the current GOP pattern continues, do you see this as a good thing or a bad thing for America, and the world? (ya know, since America is a world leader)

Here’s trick question: Who do you think is truly more dangerous to the world:

A) Saddam Hussein
B) George Bush
C) The Tooth Fairy

Don’t know who you’ll pick, but personally if I see that damn tooth fairy sneakin’ round my hood again I’m gonna pop a cap in it's fairy ass.