Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Iraq's Historic Day

Gosh, just an introductory hello and already we have ‘ownership society’, left lane drivers, Iraqi’s appreciating our invasion, and ‘the liberals are all wrong because Republicans are taking over the United States.’

Well, we are going to try and narrow the focus somewhat, and we will start with Iraq.

Yesterday was indeed historic. The Iraqi populace went to the polls despite insurgent threats and violence. One reader asks: “When would Iraqi’s vote in free elections if the U.N. were left in control of the situation in Iraq?” Unless you have a crystal ball, it’s impossible to say.

I guess we should pre-emptivley invade every non-democratic nation in the world so they can have free elections? Of course, they must first be deemed a threat to our nation, our allies, and the world, even if it is completely untrue.

Readers, is it justifiable to make a false case for war, prematurely declare major combat operations over, continually lose American lives, kill how many innocent Iraqi civilians, abuse prisoners of war and call it frat hazing, spend billions of dollars to support this effort, etcetraaaaa, etceteraaaaaa, so the Iraqi people can be free?

Is this the idea of democracy that we are exporting?

It seems some of our right-wing brethren interpret this stance as pessimistic, negative and envious. We are all burnt up cuz Bush’s Iraq is succeeding!!!

Let’s get real people.
Freedom doesn’t have squat to do with the invasion of Iraq.

Tell me dear readers, what do you think the REAL reason for the invasion of Iraq is?

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