Friday, February 11, 2005

Anyone Surprised?

Some interesting comments from an AP article today citing a drop in Bush’s approval rating:

"I voted Republican, but it looks like things are going downhill," said Kenny Sproull of Lexington, Ga., who works in construction. "I'm a self-employed contractor and a lot of Mexicans are moving into the state. We can't compete with them price-wise."

"I agree with almost everything President Bush says," said Beverly Bowman, a nurse who lives near Phoenix. "I think the Social Security thing has to be fixed."

"I'm unhappy with the whole package" of the Bush administration, said Janet Luzzi, a Democrat and a government finance director from Eureka, Calif. "The good news is that we have four more years and then we're done with him."

"Many in the public are not getting the full Iraq story, said Republican William Reid of Columbus, Ohio."
"Reid watches for newscasts that he says "tell the real story about the good things that are happening over there, about soldiers helping kids and giving them food."

Yeah, the real story: soldiers helping kids and giving them food. To hell with all that other stuff.

"Just over four in 10, 42 percent, said they approved of the president's handling of Iraq, while 57 percent disapproved.
Since the elections that were considered fairly successful, insurgent attacks have resumed, killing both Iraqis and U.S. troops."

Mission Accomplished!

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