Friday, February 24, 2006

Shizuka Arakawa Wins Gold

Took a break from Lit homework last night to watch the ladies free skate. It proved to be the best part of the Olympics so far.

Shizuka Arakawa skated with grace, beauty and majesty. She exhibited humility and perseverance, something I felt was lacking in the two favorites Cohen and Slutskaya.

Shizuka is absolutely beautiful and graceful in her own right. I think I fell in love for a little bit last night!

It appeared to me that Cohen and Slutskaya approached the skate with the self-imposed pressure of "I should win the gold".

Shizuka went out and performed, she skated to skate, to do her best, medals be damned. Lo and behold she won the gold, imagine that.

That's how I saw it anyway.

It's a wondeful story. She captured the first ever gold medal in the ladies free skate for Japan. I believe it is also the first medal of these Olympics for Japan. She will return home a heroine, and beautiful heroine at that.

It's a great bright spot in an othewise fairly dreary Olympics full of pompous athletes and drama kings. Yeah, I'm talking about Davis and Hendrick. Geesh, what a pair. And then there's Lindsey Jacobellis celebrating her win before she had it, which indeed cost her the win. It's safe to say that some American athletes exhibit some awful stupidity and arrogance at the worst possible moments.

I quit watching the NFL after Walter Payton left the game for those very reasons. There's a damn celebration after every play anymore. Same for the NBA; bunch of overpriced hotdogs that think they're gods or something. They put a ball in a hoop...for this they are paid handsomely. Not to mention all the thuggery. How droll and boring. After Jordan left the game there hasn't been much to watch in the way of excellence.

The other bright spot in the Olympics for me has been the Dutch fans and the band Kleintje Pils. It's what the Olympics should be more about, and less about medal counts.

Ok, back to work, and midterms, and other stuff. ,

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Kleintje Pils is Dutch for "small beer."



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