Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vegetable Garden

This is the compost pile. I turned this back in February or March.
This is what it looked like as of two days ago. By all means, click on any of these pics for a larger image, for scrutiny, to see what you can find. Notice the number of tomato plants that are sprouting from this pile. These are from last years rotten tomatos that I tossed in from the back porch. It's about a 60 or 70 foot shot from the porch and since they were rotten, it really didn't matter if I hit the pile or not.
Ok, I cheated with these tomato plants. I bought these four. This shot is about the third week in April.
Zucchini sprouts from seed. This picture was taken about the second week of April.
This picture was taken about the last week in April. Once they got too big for the peat cups I transplanted them to these plastic pots. We had a chilly spring this year so it was too risky to put them in the ground or I would've just done that instead. You can also see the three tiny little Thai pepper plants in this group as well. It was so cold this spring that only 3 Thai's sprouted. They like heat and lots of it. You can also see the tiny peat cups just to the left that I attempted to germinate jalapenos in. It was so chilly this spring that none of the 'penos germinated. I think I am going to germinate some in the next couple of weeks anyway. I'm thinking if they get a late start, perhaps I'll get more red ones come fall. We'll see.
This is way back in March, the first tilling of the soil.
First week of May. That's my nephew helping me build a critter deterrent device, aka fence. You would think living in the city there wouldn't be that many critters but there are possums, raccoons, squirrels, dogs and cats that seem to want to get in the garden for a variety of reasons.
A little more progress on the fence. Notice the abandoned cars in my neighbors yard. Nobody lives there. They show up once in a while to cut the grass. As you can see, it's been a while since they did that. Yes, that is an old Caddy.
Booyah! This picture was taken this past Sunday. Everything is growing nicely. That is a Thai pepper plant on the right. I got that from my friends at the Thai Diner. They had two monstrous Thai plants growing out back of the restaurant and were going to pitch'em this past winter. I volunteered to take them home and care for them until this summer. I put one in the ground and the other one is still in a pot. I plan on taking that back to them this weekend.
Another view. From the big Thai pepper plant in the upper left - 3 little Thai pepper plants from seeds, three rows of green beans - one long, one shorter, one shortest, 4 tomato plants, and then all of the zucchini plants.
Upclose snap bean plants. (green beans)
One of my pride and joys: a fourth generation Thai pepper plant from seed!
This is that other Thai pepper plant from the Diner. Notice all the blooms on that baby! This is going back to the Diner this weekend.
These peppers are from the one in the garden. The red tipped peppers are old peppers that hung on over the winter. I have a kind of sun room on the back of the house and that's where I put all of my plants in the winter. They survived but now that the plant is responding to a natural cycle again, it wants to purge itself of these old peppers. They do not taste good at all. Notice the tips are curling up or drying out. When I spot these I pull them off and toss them into the compost pile.
Each one of the tomato plants has at least two tomatos. 'Round these parts you're a tomato expert if you get nice ripe fruit before or on the fourth of July. I think that's going to happen but that doesn't make me an expert, just lucky.
They grow really fast.
Check out these three...
Yet another.
Same three as above exactly one day later. They do grow incredibly fast.
There are lots of them growing.

Ta da! These four zukes were picked this past Sunday and one of them has been eaten already! I will be eating the other three tonight.

Pretty busy these days. Taking 4 classes this summer and my job is working me like a dog so there is very little time to update my corner of the blogosphere as often as I would like. That's my excuse anyway.

Enjoy the pictures, enjoy your evening, and let's hope the Senate will quit wasting time on discriminatory amendments based on faulty ideology and get on with the business of finding Osama bin Laden.

Ha ha ha ha ha! That was funny wasn't it? ,

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3 Opinions:

Blogger The Green Robin speaks!

Wow, your garden looks great!! I had to put mine on the back burner this year (i.e. it is a big pile of weeds) due to some unexpected illness but have finally started getting some good stuff in our CSA box (other than greens that I don't know how to prepare).
Keep up the great work Red Jalapie!!

8:49 AM  
Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

Great garden. My stupid zucchinies have only started flowering. Darn, I'm going to have to read your blog to them.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Dr. C speaks!

Looks like the red pepper has a green thumb. Very impressive RJ.

6:48 PM  

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