Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gorilla's Guides


Gorilla's Guides.

Go there every day and read and look and think.

Go there if you supported this president, this idiot of a president, twice, and take a good long look at the fruits of his labor.

If you voted for this despicable man and his despicable fraternity of idiots, it's your fruit too.

How do you like it? Does it taste good?

You voted out of your own self interests and out of ZERO concern for anybody else, including this nation, the people of Iraq and the people of the world. We are all people of the world, so you support(ed) policies that are against your own self interests. Get it? Understand? Try harder.

Take a good long look and think.

You do know how to think don't you?

While you're there perusing the effects of forced 'democracy' at the hands of the most powerful military in the world, try and convince Mark that this invading Iraq bullshit was even remotely a good idea. Try and convince anybody of that other than dipshit conservatives that cannot think beyond their own little box.

Fucking idiots. ,

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