Friday, February 11, 2005

Dress Code Anyone?

Reader Thomas sends us a link concerning the Virginia legislature’s attempt to pass an indecent exposure bill aimed at those individuals that like to wear their pants around their knees.

While I find that particular style of dress rather silly, I find attempts to legislate such silliness just as silly. Apparently, so do most people. Jay Leno made a joke about it last night on the Tonight Show.

Couple this with the desire of creationist wanting to add stickers to textbooks in Georgia and it’s just a couple more obvious signs that fundamentalists are thrilled Bush was re-elected President.

George’s constant thumping of same sex marriage is nothing more than fanning the flames of the religious right-wingers. Bush knows the Constitution will not be amended to include religious dogma, but as long as he waves the anti-gay carrot around, he’ll continue to get the support of the religious right.

So, pull yer pants up and let's go bash some gays!

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Anonymous Anonymous speaks!

It's a shame that kids don't know how to dress appropriately, and that their parents aren't able to inform them about this and correct their behavior. I don't like to see the government running our lives, but what is the alternative if people are not using good judgement and decide its alright to wear pants 10 times too large for their ass?

11:34 AM  

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