Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jalapeño Rojo Bloggin'

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Taking a break from natural disasters, political disasters, and general Armageddon to bring you a pair of perfectly ripe jalapeños rojo from The Pepper Farm.

That’s right, it ain’t just the name of the blog.

Two days ago I purchased a Canon Powershot A410 and have gleefully put that little dood to use daily. The motivation for buying the camera was multiple, but the urgency was precipitated by two things: 1) a neighborhood association meeting and 2) the ripening of these two jalapeños that I have hovered over like a mother since they started to turn.

Item 1: pictures of various illegalities in the ‘hood such as drug dealing and prostitution. Working all day and going to school at night, I have little patience for the crack heads and crack whores that park on the side street around the corner from Le Casa del Jalapeño Rojo. There is a park there and like all parks they seem to draw the less desirable deviants in our society. I’ve taken to grabbing the flashlight and advancing upon the cars after I get home from school. Dangerous? Probably, but so far all of them have driven off without any altercations, except one vehicle's occupants did roll down the window and yell indecipherable epitaphs at me. One crack whore actually flirted with my neighbor as he approached her car, right after she took a big drag off the pipe. Ah, urban living.

Item 2: Look close at the pic and you’ll see a bug, a spider, the varmint protection fence (aka chicken wire) and some green Thai peppers in the back ground. The spider is that little white speck on the right side of the closer jalapeño and the bug is cradled in a leaf nearby. There are also a bunch of jalapeños verde in this picture, free Tequila to anyone that comes up with the correct amount. Three jalapeño and seven Thai plants are all that remain of the garden. I wish I had this camera from the beginning, as it was quite a bit of work to get this garden put in. The people that owned this house prior to my owning it, spread gravel in the backyard and used it as a driveway. Tilling the ground and removing the gravel was rather time consuming, not to mention the soil was less than desirable for a vegetable garden.

We haven’t had a rain shower since late June, and that was a long long time ago friends. I’ve only cut the grass about 5 times all summer and that’s the only good thing I can say about it. Even with Hurricane Katrina breaking up west of us, and Hurricane Rita to the southwest, nary a drop is to be had ‘round these parts.

I took the day off from work today because I skipped Literature class to attend the neighborhood meeting last night. So, all day today I have been catching up on papers and after statistics class tonight, there is more Literature to read and write about. Writing a paper on Cortez for history class as well. Perhaps I shall use some of these papers as blog material, as the current state of world affairs and the state of affairs here in America is rather crappy and depressing, and there is no need in bitching and whining and flogging that horse to dust. Either Bush will be impeached or we ride out the next three years and keep our fingers crossed that he and his gang cannot screw up anything more royally than they already have.

Oh yeah, there’s the Peace March on Washington Saturday, my granny is having her 87th birthday on Sunday, and my drug addicted brother wants to go fishing early early Sunday morning. Pretty determined to tackle all three and bake a cake too!

Pretty much resigned to not sleeping until Monday night, and that’s in jeopardy if I don’t get these papers done. Did I mention that I have a take home statistics test too?

Even if I had time and money to date, what woman in her right mind would want to be a part of this circus?Is there a woman in her right mind to begin with? (ooh, bet I get it for that!) ,

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Anonymous Pepper speaks!

Holy moly! Good luck with your test! And good luck with the, um, unsavory (?) element in your neighborhood. I had a bad experience in Oakland once when a crack whore jumped in front of my car. No incidents, but I really do believe that CRACK IS WACK!

Seriously - good luck, and those jalapenos are HOT!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Carolyn speaks!

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I'm going to take a shot at that free Tequila and guess 24. That's all I think I see, or it could be I've had too much Tequila already and am seeing double, lol! Anyway, my guess is 2 dozen. ;)

5:51 PM  
Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

HA HA HA - Maybe, there really aren't women in their right minds, though. Who knows.

That is a wonderful pepper shot. I enjoyed looking at it. It was very interesting to read all about it, too. I really couldn't see much of the spider, as you explained, but wow!

Good luck on the papers, with your Grandma's birthday, and your drug-addicted brother. Hopefully, you will catch some sleep somewhere in there:)

6:35 AM  
Blogger Dr. C speaks!

My guess is 31 peppers. Probably low. Happy to see you back in style. I almost finished "The Conquest of New Mexico" but got turned off when they branded all the Indians. Things don't change. Could have been Baghdad.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

People, PEOPLE!

The statement reads as follows:

"There are also a bunch of jalapeños verde in this picture, free Tequila to anyone that comes up with the correct amount."

Hint: don't count the Thai peppers.

Looks like this bottle of Cuervo will be alllll mine!

1:52 PM  

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