Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Conversation with a Neocon

Saw this bit first at Shakes Sis, and then read this commentary about the same topic at The Green Knight.

Here's a snip to get that blood pressure up:

"The problem is that Ledeen's view of human nature, as ineradicably corrupt and prone to evil, is the notion that is at the heart of classical conservatism. Conservatism traditionally places great emphasis on stability of institutions and reluctance to embark on ideological projects precisely because it sees human beings as essentially flawed; if freed from the guiding principles of tradition, it believes, people will generally muck things up and eventually come to casually committing atrocities."

Enjoy. ,

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Blogger DrMaxtor speaks!

Nice blog. Neocons say the darndest things dont they?

3:06 AM  

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