Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Came In

Bucket of aluminum seal. It must be stirred up thoroughly prior to spreading. This thing was heavy and awkward to carry up on the roof.
I'm not afraid of heights at all but I was a little nervous on the roof. It's an old metal roof and its kinda slippery in places.
It's rather angular too. Coating those valleys was the nerve wracking part.
A shot of the "back 40". This whole exercise was done this past October or November. You can see some of the tree leaves have turned in some of these pictures. You can also see my lack of photography skills - that's my arm and camera shadow.
The section where the bucket sits is the "flat" secton of the roof. This was the last shot before I got started.
One side completed, moving on to the front.
A corner where the water more or less channels to. It's an old house and the soffit and gutter system is pretty old. I had to put tar down around each corner and tar up a lot of the standing seams. The hurricane season exposed a number of holes in this roof. During the ten inch deluge in one hour, it was almost as if it was raining inside the house.
Partially done on this side. You can see what a stellar job the last owner did of coating the roof....NOT.
I scraped and swept out the valleys before coating them. You can see where water was puddling and therefore seeping in between the fiberglass matting and metal.
All done except the "flat" section. That "flat" section was a piss-poor job of roofing. There are nails sticking up, seams that don't fit and big gaps where there should be none. The front porch roof and this section are on the list of things to do in the coming weeks. After I do them I will do the entire roof again. It took me two full days last year to do the main roof. I figure it will take about four solid days to get it all done this go around.

That's a long way down. You can see the garden over to the left, or rather what the garden looks like at the end of the year. If you're really bored you can compare the garden then to this post.

Also, I put the ladder on the deck because it lessens the vertical distance by about 6 feet. That's a twenty-eight foot extension ladder and it's about 3 rungs or so less than being maxed out. I just can't reach the roof from anywhere else.

Click on any of the pics for a larger view. Some of these shots are kind of interesting with a larger perspective.

Back to work, schoolwork, etcetera etcetera... ,

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Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

I'm so tired! After reading your post and looking at the pictures, it was like deja vu. Of course, I didn't have as much to do, but it was still tiring.

9:33 PM  

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