Thursday, October 09, 2008

Surama Village, Guyana

Since the last post: lost my ass selling my house which was supposed to fund my education, went to South America for an anthropology course which has turned out to be my last class for a year due to losing my ass, working a job full time now to get the money to finish my time at UVA, and gained 12 pounds.
The top photo is a view of the rainforest from Surama Village and the bottom photo is the benab where I and two other researchers 'lived' for five and a half weeks. That hammock is where I slept for all but two or three nights. There's another benab just to the left of this one where the other four researchers lived.
Lots to write about and lots of pictures to show regarding this trip to Surama. I'll try to "update my shiz" on a more consistent basis. ,

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Anonymous Bryan speaks!

I've actually been to Surama before. How much did it cost to live in the benab? And what did you do for food?

I've considered going back again, but this time for a couple weeks to a month. That's why I ask.

8:03 PM  

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