Thursday, February 17, 2005

Poe is Leaving the Building...

Only to enter another one.

Richard Poe is closing his forum ‘indefinitely’, maybe ‘permanently’.

That’s kind of a shame, I had just began to engage Poe in one of his pet projects, the lifelong battle to smear the Hillary Clinton. The interaction was supposed to be about a Bush Dynasty, but somehow Poe feels that disussing Hillary is so interwined with a Bush Dynasty, that it would be impossible to discuss one without the other.

I know he is unique in this endeavor, which is why I had to open my big mouth and bust Poe in the comment section of an interview he did with Jamie Glazov on FrontpageMagazine.

While my assessment of Poe may have been…plausible, my words were a bit over the top. Poe is still a journalist of some sort, and he does have some credibility…

That being said, Poe’s new gig is managing editor of Moonbat Central. This new blog will be an extension of Frontpage Magazine, with some of your favorite FPM writers doing the daily posting chores.

A quick look at Moonbat pretty much tells the tale. However, for a more in depth analysis, please visit SadlyNo!. One of my favorite blogs along with World O’ Crap.

WOC recently gained more fame by exposing that Gannon character and in doing so highlighted how the War on Terror Preznit runs a tight security ship at White House Press Briefings.

Run yourself over to SadlyNo! and World O’ Crap. They’re both good reads and pretty damned funny!

If you are offended by their content, perhaps you are the content!?

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