Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek is Satan

Yesterday's Newsweek story really hit a nerve with me, thus a rant ensued. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one that observes some of the things I observe and analyze accordingly, but apparently there are other whackjobs out there like me.

Here's more on the 'Newsweek is Responsible for the Middle East Hating the United States' deflection exercise.

Thanks to all that weighed in yesterday, hope it was therapeutic in some way or another.

recidivist let's us know how he really feels about Star Wars and wingnuts, and Dr. C. is not feeling too well about the landscape but offers inspiration none the less.

The Liberal Avenger weighed in on Newsweek-gate and also pointed us to dadahead for more liberal ranting and raving.

Had enough?

Well then, please drop by SadlyNo! to keep that blood pressure up.

If you'd rather calm down a bit, I recommend Vestal's place, but that's no guarantee.

Will be getting back to a discussion intiated by Dr. C. once Newsweek has been brought to the town square, tarred and feathered and stoned to death.

Happy Tuesday!

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