Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Almost There!

May 4th will be my last exam!


SO looking forward to having my evenings again and having time to do all of the things that need to be done.

Have not even looked at when exactly the fall semester starts and right now I don't care. It will get here soon enough.

Had an interesting conversation last night after Calculus (aka Torture 101) with a fellow student. She is taking a persuasive speech class and asked me to take a look at her material and provide critique.

The speech was about legalizing euthanasia and she had very pursuasive arguments. Terri Schiavo is one example that she is going to talk about.
The idea she presented was that if euthanasia were legal, the option of pulling the feeding tube would've been a non-issue.
Euthanasia is far more humane to the individual than starving them to death via pulling the tube. I have to agree 100%.

She pointed out how pet owners put their pet 'down' for humane reasons. Offering to play devil's advocate, I challenged that position on the basis of comparing animals with humans. She promptly answered the challenge with an articulate and intelligent rebuttal.

We then went on to discuss the other aspects of that episode and how traumatic it must have been for everyone involved. And then, ya know, the politcal stuff..... Ok ok ok, I kinda injected that part.

Back to the exam week and blah blah.
I think once these next couple of weeks are behind me there will be more time to spend on The Pepper Farm. I need to learn how to dress the Farm up a little bit.

Definitely will be moving away from the political stuff as there are plenty out there doing it better than I ever will, and will be moving more towards essays and stories and just general web logging.

I've got some interesting friends and acquaintences, not to mention a family of loons (no offense to loons, ornithology is hobby of mine), and of course my own dull adventures to write about.

The whole Pope spectacle is fascinating on many levels. I really want to visit the Sistine Chapel just to look at Michaelangelo's work. Have seen plenty of photos, but seeing the process on the tube really showed how magnificant that Chapel is.

So, that's another place to add to the 'places to visit as soon as I can find the time and money to go there'.

I am a total atheist, but believe in the human need for spirituality. We all seek spirituality in some form or another.

THAT's another topic for another day!

4 Opinions:

Blogger Recidivist speaks!

If you have political views, then express them .. you can talk about other things too, but don't block out something because you think others do it better. If you do you'll only get frustrated.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

Yeah yeah I hear ya....

Damned if I do and damned if I don't. In short = damned.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Vestal Vespa speaks!

Man, the pope spectacle. That nails it. It was a spectacle. From the time he fell ill to the time the white smoke blew . . . talk about your media circus.

Our PBS schedule includs German and Irish news, and I was really surprised at how much coverage the Germans gave it, compared to the coverage the Irish gave it. I mean, the Germans were so glad to have one of their own elected, it was like "Pope, pope, pope-ity pope" for two straight hours on the German program, then just a brief mention on the Irish news.

You know the Germans are overreporting if not even the Irish coverage of a huge Catholic event manages to match it.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Recidivist speaks!

We are all doomed to damnation so grin and bear it and soldier on ;)

4:32 PM  

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