Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Drive-by Post...

Hey hey!

My sister gave birth to her twin boy and girl yesterday at 11:30 am.

That's 2 more monsters that uncle jalapeno get's to take care of. In fact, this weekend I get the 5 and 7 yr. old boys so my sis can adjust to the routine of twins.

Gotta hand it to 'em, they were more than ready for this. The baby room is all fixed up and ready to go. Obviously they learned from the first four children they had. That's right, they have six freagin' kids now!!!

Anyhow, taking the boys Friday and returning them on Sunday. The weekend activities for these two sheltered young lads will include: helping me plant the rest of the garden, some maintenance on said garden, heading out to the country on Saturday morning to cut, split and stack wood for the better part of the day, and of course a bunch of play time.

The 7 yr. old is a little brainiac, loves school and wants to be a scientist. The boy is frothing at the mouth to get my Biology book and this weekend he gets to have it. My buddy's place in the country has a beaver pond, and that will keep them both entertained once they become bored with wood cutting.

At the end of that day, I will announce that we will be camping out in that field. They have never camped out so this is going to be fun!

It's about 30 acres wooded, of which about 3 acres is the field. Plenty of wildlife and all of that for these young boys to explore. Bringing both of their bicycles and the special event will be getting the 5 yr. old to ditch his training wheels. I guess that means I'll have to bring my bike too, and fall down some so he won't feel too intimidated.

It's been a little chilly here over the last week. My tomato plants don't look happy at all, and I have yet to put out my pepper plants because of the chill. It's like early April here as opposed to early May. This will be the latest I have ever gotten all the food in the ground. Will warm up this weekend, back to seasonal temps, so it's all going in the ground with the help of my two nephews.

Ok, back to the books! Tonight and tomorrow is it baby!
Then August will be here and it all starts again.


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