Friday, May 13, 2005

Bubble Boy Bush

An article by Tom Englehardt in the Asia Times is a must read for those that have reservations, disenchantment, skepticism, and outright disgust for our fearless leader.
I would suggest the same article for Bush supporters but since it does point out factually correct issues about Bush that may counter your ideal view of him, perhaps you should pass.

A portion of the article to spark your interest:

“As with his life and domestic travels, so in the President's international travels, he and his entourage -- including, as in a previous European trip, American escort vehicles as well as the President's official car (known to insiders as "the beast"), 200 secret service agents, 15 sniffer dogs, a Blackhawk helicopter, snipers, 5 cooks, 50 White House "aides," and the vast press corps that reports on "him" -- move inside an enormous bubble, a kind of dream world. All around him the central cities of the planet he's passing through are swept clear of life in order to create a Potemkin Earth just for his pleasure and safety. For Bush & Co., all life is increasingly lived inside that bubble, carefully wiped clean of any traces of recalcitrant, unpredictable, roiling humanity, of anything that might throw the dream world into question. In a sense, George's world has been well stocked with James Guckert clones. (Guckert is, of course, the "journalist" who, using the alias Jeff Gannon, regularly attended presidential news conferences and lobbed softball questions the President's way.) And George himself, whoever he may be (or may once have been), is a kind of Gannon, when you think about it. A character. A creation.”

Tom has his own place called and is a project of the Nation Institute.

Have fun!

2 Opinions:

Blogger Dr. C speaks!

So, JP, is Bush a product of the this go-go World? Or, is he so glorified that he has never used a cell phone, never played a video game, and has trouble driving a car (at least a 1956 Volga)? Maybe his No Child Gets Ahead program was to compensate for his inability to read. He doesn't, you know. And he is leader of the "Free World?"

Oh, Lordy.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

Bush is a child of privilege.

Bush dodged the draft by joining the TAG and defending Texas from Charlie, this of course makes him a patriot.

Sorry, but nothing about Bush suggests 'leader'. Not one thing.

He is a bullshitter at best, with lots of backing.

11:06 AM  

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