Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Focus on the Family" Freaks

"Last week, Focus on the Family withdrew its funds from Wells Fargo, citing "ongoing efforts to advance the radical homosexual agenda," according to a statement by Jim Daly, Focus's chief executive officer.
"Those efforts are in direct opposition to the underlying principles and purpose of Focus, and thus a decision of conscience had to be made and a stand taken," the statement
Focus on the Family's primary complaint was Wells Fargo's support of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The San Francisco-based financial giant had agreed to match contributions to a GLAAD media campaign fund."

Go here for the rest of the story.

"SUMMARY: Wells Fargo Bank and Ford Motor Co. are the latest targets in a war to punish firms for gay-friendly policies, and, in Ford's case, one right-wing group appears to claim victory."

As Dorothy walks down the rainbow bricked road...
Wingnuts, fundies and bigots oh my!

I wonder what it will take for the human race to evolve to the point where we can call it human, and civilized.

Right now we're just dogs and rats.

Is that a cynical and bitter view? You betcha.

I guess I'm an idealist, I actually believe that humans are capable of getting along, of tolerance, of evolving, of striving for that day when we can take care of each other and celebrate the miracle that is the human animal.
We have such promise, such ability, yet we squander it all on petty matters while pretending they are important matters.

Ziggy Marley, We Propose:

We propose politicans learn, learn, learn
We propose warmongers learn, learn, learn
We propose fascists learn, learn, learn
Open your ears...listen to the people
We propose...
No one is perfect in this un-perfect world

Cripes, and it's only Tuesday... ,

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