Thursday, October 27, 2005

The United States of America

...waits for ‘Fitzmas’.

The ‘left’ is jumping up and down and hoping for Rove’s head on a platter, and hoping that somehow Scooters involvement includes "fuck yourself" Cheney.

The ‘right’ is bracing for the worst, ready with the necessary spin to make themselves feel better and intellectual, because it won’t work on anybody else.

While waiting for the UPS man to deliver, Harriet Miers has decided to withdraw herself from being nominated to the Supreme Court. This should surprise no one that has paid even a modicum of attention to the last 5 years of the Bush debacle. Let’s all be honest here, she did not withdraw herself, she was told to withdraw.

Some coworkers of mine were in the cube behind mine last week or the week before talking about Bush’s brilliant political strategy in nominating Miers. Yes, that was their discussion. Being the resident outspoken liberal in a land of diehard Republicans, conservatives and Limbaugh drones, I dared not say a word. I dared not call them on this supposed genius by Bush, only because I am a lowly contractor and they are all employees. High ranking employees no less. At any rate, I’m waiting to hear the next discussion and the analysis of what went wrong. Small potatoes but entertaining to some degree.

Bush - genius, a name and word that should never be in the same room.

The larger issue with indictments being handed down by Prosecutor Fitzgerald (I will admit there is no small delight that me and Patrick share the same last name) would be the issue behind the indictments. Outing a CIA agent is treason, plain and simple. You might as well be a spy giving military and government information to the enemy. Remember the enemy? Those treasonous America-hating liberal Islamic jihadists that were against this Iraq war in the first place? Funny how the enemy has expanded a bit.

IF, and that’s a big IF, the current players that the public views as being in Fitzgerald’s crosshairs are indicted, it will add legitimacy to the idea that this Iraq war was constructed by said players prior to and with nothing in common with Osama bin Ladens’ attack and subsequent destruction of the World Trade Towers. The only thing bin Laden provided the Bush cabal was the ultimate tool needed to sell the war to the public: fear.

Outing Valerie Plame in order to discredit her husband Joe Wilson and his findings on the Niger uranium deal with Iraq (which has proven unclear at best yet showed up in Bush’s speech) is just a small piece of the bigger puzzle that the Bush cabal constructed. That is not to say that the actual crime of outing the CIA agent is a ‘technicality’ as Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison would have us believe, or that it is a petty matter – it is not, but in the overall scheme of the Bush gang it was just a necessary and small and petty thing that had to be done. Nothing must stand in the way of the neo-con vision of capitalizing the middle east under the guise of terrorist threats that must be controlled and eradicated, or the spreading of ‘freedom’, or whatever other excuse given for this ill-conceived war.

So we all wait for the indictments to come, to see if Bush will stand by his first statement, or his statement right after his first statement, and promptly remove or ask or tell those persons involved to step down.
The effect of those indictments IF they do materialize, will further render an already incompetent administration even more helpless for the next three years. As if the current situation were not already dangerous for America, the idea of a helpless and incompetent lame duck administration at the helm of power in the United States for three more years is downright frightening.

"American deaths have reached a milestone in Iraq" all the media and blogosphere have proclaimed, due soley to that number of deaths reaching 2000.
Fuck that. One death was a milestone.

Historians will not be kind to Bush, and rightfully so. For all of his talk about leadership, he has none save for the sycophants and frightened sheep that follow him, the religious right and their ‘morality’ which he supposedly embodies, the conservatives that feel he will uphold traditions they hold dear such as opposition to gay marriage.

Wow, did they all get taken to the cleaners.

The sycophants still spew, the sheep have their war, and Gary and John still struggle against discrimination, but theoretically somewhere conservatives sleep sound at night knowing that their marriage is safe from gays and lesbians.

Meanwhile, this nation is the laughing stock of the sane world, we’ve lost our credibility on nearly every issue except blood thirsty imperialism, we’re creating record numbers of terrorists and jihadists that want our blood more than ever, and our dear leader with all his leadership qualities and his campaign promise to “restore dignity to the White House” has used hatred and fear to manipulate the American people to support his end goals.

Now the Harriet Miers distraction has further alienated the conservatives that wanted to stack the court with anti-abortion judges, yet hypocritically believed there was no litmus test. The standard reply in that debate is "of course there is a litmus test, the left does it too!” Well then, that makes it ok even though Bush has said repeatedly that he has no litmus test.

Bush is a liar of the grandest proportions, the biggest and filthiest liar of any politician in our nations history.

The days ahead, regardless of whether indictments are passed down are not, are the true litmus tests of this great nation. Americans must stand up against this tyranny and demand a better government, a government that is held accountable by the people, is for the people, and is of the people.
How do we achieve such a formidable task?
How long will it take?
I surmise many days, many months, years, decades.
Who will emerge as our nations new leaders? Who are the leaders that will hold the entire country’s interests as goals to be achieved, as opposed to forcing their own vision onto this great nation?

No small feat I admit, as this nation is so fractionalized and so divided, with so many casting an accusing eye at their neighbor, with so many placing blame where there is only difference, and offering no olive branch of reconciliation or looking inward for resolution.

Perhaps we are entering the age of the fall of America.
Our motto has been ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, we are divided and we have fallen, of that there is no question.

The days ahead are going to be the most difficult yet. ,

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Blogger The Green Robin speaks!

It will be interesting to see what happens.
Keep up the good work Pepper - did you know we too hail (at least my better half does) from Richmond? GO VCU Rams (Husband) and Richmond Spiders (sister)!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Pepper speaks!

Phew! I wonder how you can work with those guys! I'm lucky because I feel like I can speak my mind, even if not everyone agrees with me.

9:00 PM  

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