Monday, December 19, 2005

This Week with Bush

Let me sum it up:

We created a huge fucking mess in Iraq.
We claim we are the only ones that can fix this huge fucking mess.
We claim that Iraqi's want to be free and therefore rationalize the intelligence on WMD's that turned out to be totally false.
We must spy on our own citizens, to keep the citizens safe.
We must jail people we suspect are terrorists in order to protect the American people.
We must stand against torture of these suspects, so we ship them to other countries where torture is ok.
Osama bin Laden has paid no price for his terrorist attacks against the United States.
Vote Repubican.

I hear so many conservatives and Republicans bash bush, yet he enjoys a 70% favorable rating among this group.
"He does not represent me"
"He is not conservative at all" why is backed by the voters that say he does not represent them?

It's not looking good for us, no matter what side your on.

Ok, on to more exciting stuff:

Shortly after I bought a home computer, I got bombarded with spyware and viruses. Doxdesk was a place I stumbled on trying to find solutions for my infected box. ("infected box" heh heh)

Doxdesk provided a lot of information that helped me clean my box ("clean my box" heh heh) and help me keep abreast of that kind of thing.

Doxdesk is also a true web log, long before the word blog was formed.
I urge you to visit and get your geek on.

Might as well, between the end timers, insurgents, terrorists, bird flu, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, droughts, global warming, and these idiots, the end of the world is right around the corner. ,

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" help me keep abreast of "

hey, you said, "breast." (heh heh:)

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