Friday, February 18, 2005

Blue States, Red States, ..and Hate

This is just a prelim and once I have more data and pretty pictures to go with it, there will be another post.

HOWEVER, perusing Moonbat Central I came across this and had to respond.

This is the crux of my post, with some added comments at the end:

The Southern Poverty Law Center offers a map of hate groups monitored in the United States in 2003.

Compare that map with the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election electoral map.

Now, analyze the population of each state and whether the state went red or blue, and by what percentage of the population.

Research is ongoing, but here is a quick breakdown of what the data shows:

California voted Democrat at 54% of the population.

Texas voted Republican at 61%, Georgia at 58%, South Carolina at 58% of their respective populations.

1. Calif. has 45 identified hate groups, and a population of 35.48 mil.

2. Texas has 53 identified hate groups, and a population of 22.11 million.

3. Georgia has 53 identified hate groups, and a population of 8.68 million.

4. South Carolina has 45 identified hate groups, and a population of 4.14 million.

Note the population of Calif. is roughly the same as the total population of Texas, Georgia and South Carolina, and yet the number of identified hate groups in these 3 states is over 3 times that of California.

Country wide, the total number of hate groups in RED states is 553, and the total number of hate groups in BLUE states comes in at 218.

This comparison alone reveals hate groups in RED states vs. BLUE states is just under 3 to 1.

The knee jerk reactions will follow from both sides of the political spectrum, but there is more research to be done. Education will be the biggest factor based on preliminary findings is my guess.

What does it all mean?

I have too much to do and am not using my time wisely.

2 Opinions:

Blogger Vestal Vespa speaks!

I think lack of education is part of hate. The other part is a "blame" mentality. Things are pretty terrible for most people in those red states, and rather than blame it on the country or the government, it's easier for people to imagine that all their problems are due to those dark people . . .

I think it's the same mentality that leads people to blame secular "blue culture" for corrupting their children.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous speaks!

It would also be interesting to view the statistics of red vs. blue in the area of 1) Quality of Life in that State 2) Crime rate in that State 3) State budget spent on Welfare and other social programs 4) Church-going affiliation (% going to church).

12:46 PM  

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