Monday, April 18, 2005


It’s happy warm fuzzy story time here at the Pepper Farm and after reading and perusing my favorite news and blogs sources I’m happy to report that…um…warm fuzzy commentary on the morning’s finds are…uh…in the making. Yeah, that’s it, in the making.

I tilled up a section of the back yard yesterday, ready for planting! I have 4 tomato plants ready, everything else is still in seed form. I am a bit late on that germination thing but hey, I’m a busy fucktard.

The current breakdown will be 6 Thai peppers, 12 and 12 Jalapeno/Serrano, and 6 Cayenne’s. The Thai peppers are originally from a Thai garden that were raised by the mom of the Chef at the Thai Diner Too! in Carytown. I got them 3 years ago, harvested more Thai peps than any one man could eat, and have saved the seeds waiting, waiting I say, for the day when I could grow them in my own yard. Yayyyy! Having purchased (signed my life away) my beautiful and humble abode last July, I’m finally getting around to putting the yard together.

There will also be the usual yellow squash and zuccini, and long rows of snap beans. Once the snap beans get going, there is enough to eat every day.

I live in the city, so a chicken house is out of the question, but wouldn't it be great to have fresh eggs daily? We had chickens when I was a kid and it was my job to go into the henhouse and get the eggs. The chickens didn't mind much but they were constantly were trying to peck my toes off. My neighbor taught me how to whistle like a chicken hawk, and lo and behold when I would do this all of the chickens would shut up completely and huddle together in the corner. It did not last long, but long enough for me to grab the eggs. Whistlin' while grabbin' eggs was the procedure.

It was much easier to gather the duck eggs up, as they would just randomly lay them anywhere in the yard. We used to get double yolks alot with the duck eggs.

This is the first real summer in my home, so no school this summer for me. The power company will bury my power cable in the next 4-5 days, I have a Biology test, a Calculus test, and……a big black walnut tree in the middle of the back yard that is coming down! Down I say!

The power line, which is ancient and has lost all insulation, is currently right in the middle of that tree. When the wind blows the limbs produce a spark or two and I’ll be glad that no longer happens. After this tree comes down, the stump gets ground and then the manicuring of the weeds…uh…grass begins.

I really want to make enough room for a badminton/volley ball net. I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces all under 11 that will need entertainment on occasion. Plus, I really want to have a housewarming party and play drunk volleyball. I’m thinking drunk badminton is a bad idea in that people will have tequila and a racquet in hand, and that just smells like an injury to me.

The rules will be: take as many hits as needed to get the ball over the net. If you score a point your team will either a) take a shot or b) make the other team take a shot or c) everyone takes a shot regardless. I’m guessing after the 3rd point is scored rule c) will become the norm.

Ok, so much for the warm fuzzy stuff.

In other news, Bill Frist and the Family Research Council are ready to hang, tar and feather, and impale those ‘activist judges’ that allowed Terri Schiavo to die of thirst. Go here and follow the trail, enlighten your mind, expand your horizons and above all, THINK about the fact that there are droves of these people out there and they want power, massive unadulterated power.

Oh, and let's not forget that Tom DeLay said "those judges will have to answer for this" regarding Terri Schiavo.

Have a warm and fuzzy and spring like Monday.

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