Friday, April 08, 2005

Floggin' the Horse

Gotta start mixing up the Pepper Farm.

Reading news item after news item of GOP fuck-ups is getting old.
Same shit every day.

Seems like there are ten million blogs out there that hash and rehash this topic over and over and do a much better job of it than me. I just don't have the talent to disassemble these goons without my head exploding.

Ha! I've become an angry liberal.

I will mention that Bush was booed by the crowd when his face was shown on the big screen at the Pope’s funeral. Just as well, his trip is purely political and is evidenced by his remarks following the event.

Not to worry though. I’ll still point out the ball being portrayed as a cube every now and again.

It’s not the Bush is a complete failure as a President, or as a leader of the greatest nation on the globe, but that so many people defend his actions when his actions are so obviously morally and intellectually bankrupt.

The conservative party has either a) morphed into it’s true self or b) been hijacked by the religious right.

If there is a c) option, please tell me about it.

Next week: Happy warm fuzzy spring like topics. (cough cough)

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