Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Updates on The Farm

The blogroll has been updated with just a few more blogs to check out and some aesthetic color changes, if I may call it that.

Will be adding more blogs and sites to the roll later in the week, month, or year.

Garden update: I have about 2 dozen tomato's that are about the size of baseballs, I may just get a red one by the Fourth of July.

The 4th seems to be a benchmark around these parts for one's prowess in growing tomato's. I just can't wait until one ripens so I can EAT IT!

Have some blooms on the Thai plants, some buds on the Jalapeno's, and a fair amount of blooms on the snap beans. I planted two types of snap beans mainly because I had some seeds (beans) left over from 2 summers ago. The old beans are blooming, the new beans are just now starting to bloom. I noticed the new beans have more foliage and are greener. I hope the snaps that they produce are just as good as the old beans.

There are about a dozen zucchini fruits out there, but some of them are wilting. It has not rained here in about 10 days, with no rain in the forecast. Bought a sprinkler the other day and tonight I will put it to use. I really hate doing that but I have no real choice right now.

The upside to the dry spell is that the James River is looking clear and low, which is super prime for smallmouth fishing. If not for the familia reunion this weekend, I know where I would be.

Hopefully I can get out there on Monday, providing the family reunion goes smoothly and nobody is in jail or the hospital after the fact.

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