Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cheer UP and Onward!

Oldwhitelady dropped by yesterday and offered up this bit to offset the rage that has boiled within The Pepper Farm regarding the attacks on Cindy Sheehan. This did cheer me up, but more importantly, it provided some strength and hope to Cindy Sheehan and her onsite supporters.

Fred Mattlage is the distant cousin of Larry Mattlage, that real nice fella that fired off his shotgun a couple of times near the Sheehan camp on Sunday.

Fred is offering up his land for the Sheehan to camp, about a mile from Bush’s spideyhole. Fred is showing some courage here, as his neighbors are the rootin’ tootin’ gun totin’ Texas cowboy types. That’s not to say Fred ain’t that way, but he obviously has his head on straight.

(A toast to oldwhitelady over lunch today)

Living here in Richmond, Virginia, I consider myself a redneck. A lot of my friends say “no, you’re not a redneck” to which I reply “yes I am and you are too. You’re not born and bred in Virginia without being some form of a redneck.”

Rednecks, like any species, come in varying degrees of redneckedness; some friendly, some intelligent, some belligerent, and some just plain stupid. Some are good ol’ boys in a good sense, gentlemanly and kind, and some are good ol’ boys in a not so good sense, like the Ku Klux Klan chapter in Colonial Heights. Yeah, we have that just down the road a piece.

Evry now ‘n ‘nen, ah speak redneckese. Usually when I’ma funnin’ or having a bit of the sauce. It’s all good and I like to poke fun at the way I grew up.

My family lineage is Irish, Italian, and Dutch. Yeah, put that in yer pipe and take a puff.
Mix all that up and then grow it in the Capital of the Confederacy and you have my family. YEE HAW!
I’m the black sheep, the liberal. Oh well.

My sister has recently entered the blogosphere and is learning about the political spectrum in her own way. Much to my delight, she is amazed at what she is seeing on the rightwing side of things. That is to say amazed in a ‘what the hell is wrong with these people’ kind of way. She is apolitical currently, but I suspect the more aware she becomes, the more likely there will be dos oveja negra en la familia.

Ok, back to where I was a minute ago:

Recidivist is on top of the Jean Charles de Menezes killing in the London and Paul the Spud adds to the story.

David Swanson , cofounder of and has told me via email he’s putting the idea of the Silent March on Washington to his colleagues. I’ll put forth any info about that when he gets back to me.

In the meantime, have a stupendous day. ,

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Blogger Paul the Spud speaks!

Congratulations on the Silent March progress. If you need a letter of support or anything, let me know...

Of course, I don't know how seriously they'll take me. Maybe it's the energy dome.

By the way, have you tried that new smoked chipotle Tobasco? I'm using it on everything. Seriously, I'm in Barney Gumble territory. "Just put it directly into my veins!"

1:07 PM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the support.

Yeah, I have tried that Tabasco but don't particularily care for it. I like the original Tabasco, plus, the local Mexican market has chipotles, the real deal. I put a few in a chicken-okra-tomato stew I made last night.

How do you like the jalapeño Tabasco? Too salty for me, I have some and use it on rice occasionally, but generally don't use it that often.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Scorpion Breeder speaks!

Thank you big brother!
I am indeed learning a lot and the more I learn the less I want to know. But I am still on the bench just taking it all in.

I didn't know we had Dutch in us. (lol)

Save some stew for us!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Pepper speaks!

As a transplanted Kentucky redneck, your post makes me proud. There are some real cool rednecks out there, and you are indeed one cool redneck! (I hope I'm half as cool as you!)

11:31 AM  
Blogger Paul the Spud speaks!

I agree, the Jalapeno tobasco is a little salty for me. I love the original as well, but I'm wild for this smoky chipotle stuff.

I used to have a HUGE collection of hot sauces, but my acid reflux disease kind of put the brakes on my hot food lust. I can handle the tobasco family of sauces, though. When I take my prevacid.

1:20 PM  

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