Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Too freakin’ busy to post anything of substance, or of a readable nature.

Implementing a Document Management System at the office (‘compound’ as I like to refer to it), and that task is crushing. Training users, data migration, re-training users, all in addition to our normal responsibilities.

It’s just weighing me down and sapping my strength. Have not visited my favorite blogs in a few days nor have I updated my tiny blogroll linky list.

Have kept an eye on the goings-on in our national political arena, have an ear tuned in to Britain and the reactions and overreactions the knee-jerking but have purposely not gotten too close to the fray to start spouting my own opinion. Go
here if you need up to date news and opinion on this particular topic.

Still pissed about the preznit
declaring that unintelligent design be taught in public schools right along with science. That just amazes me on one hand, but on the other hand, what else could be expected?

Had a discussion with a friend of mine last night, of which this is a topic we touched on. He agreed with the preznit, but he’s also a person of faith, so I can see where he is coming from. What this fella does not see, although he might now cuz it set me off and I began to wave my arms and pace and be quite shrill, is that when the preznit says he would like to see unintelligent design taught along with the science of evolution, what he really means is the Christian faith should be taught along with science.

So, when I start the rantin’ and ravin’ about that, one of the things he said was “that’s the principles this country was founded on”, meaning the Christian faith.
I have avoided addressing that statement, which was made more than once, simply because the people that believe that will not be swayed from what the real truth of that matter really is. To the Christian faithful, this country was founded by God, and based on Judeao-Christian values and faith, and everyone here is doing God’s work, or something like that. The founding fathers were all Christians and/or believed in God and that’s that.
(Here, you may take apart Judeao-Christian, or Christian-Judeao, if you want or need to, as I fully understand the invalidity of combining those two adjectives)

Raise another toast to ‘unmovable beliefs’. To the inability to adapt to an ever-changing world, to the disregard and disbelief of evolution.

So it’s all good to the faithful that science teachers will be proselytizing to young minds while attempting to teach, or vice versa, or whatever the hell that really means.
The statement ‘founding principles of this country were based on Christianity’ came up when I pointed out that if we are going to teach creationism, which is what ‘unintelligent design’ is, then we should be teaching every religion’s idea about how the earth and it’s inhabitants came to be. That was unacceptable to this person. In other words; ‘our faith ok, other faiths not ok, because our faith is the founding of the morality and laws of which this country was built upon’.

One last time for those that still don’t get it:
A) Religion and faith are just that.
B) Science is hard fact, not conjecture or mythology.

Who am I kidding? They don’t get it. They can’t get it because their faith prevents them from seeing it. Their faith is at odds with the scientific world, aka reality, and to embrace the reality of science means the reconfiguration of their god or religion. (which should be easy since god and religion were created by man to begin with)

It’s an exhausting exercise in futility for sure, but it is an exercise that one must be willing to undertake and endure. Perhaps at some point, it may not be futile so much as a tenant of survival.

Uh, so that’s my quickie drive-by, emotion driven, shrill, unreadable and lacking of substance post for today.

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Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

Uh, so that’s my quickie drive-by, emotion driven, shrill, unreadable and lacking of substance post for today.

and even so, it's a good and thoughtful read.

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Blogger pattygal speaks!


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