Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Got Milk?

Due to studying for biology tests, calculus tests, and researching the Christian Identity Movement, blogging is way down on the list of things to do.

I had planned on providing earth shattering summaries and analysis of the above mentioned group, but alas I am way late to that party. I'll post something about them once I can sort it all out.

Perusing a wide range of blogs this morning proved to be an overwhelming exercise. The blogosphere is a good representation of people and technology coming together. Regardless of how wacky one may be, anyone that has a computer can now have a blog.

Reading some of the more political and um...popular websites and blogs of the day do provide for some personal relief. Maybe my pathetic little inconsisent blog ain't so bad after all. Of course, that's a matter of opinion.

Start here for real blogs and links to other real blogs. These bloggers are devoted to their craft, unlike me.

Nothing more to add, except that I hope that person that stole my milk out of the company frig chokes it through their nose all over their keyboard.

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