Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Drive-by Post

Super short on time recently and still trying to get caught up.

My family reunion was this past Sunday, and I will post some thoughts about that, as well as the pre-reunion party at my house that was supposed to be all about cooking for said reunion.

Ok, so I made some things, and me and my sister and her hubby ate it all. Yes, it was that good! More about all that later.

My little backyard urban garden is doing great! I've harvested a dozen zuchinni and there are 4 more out there waiting. The snap beans have begun and I've already downed some of those. I'll have to post the concoction I created with those beans and zukes later.

Went out to dinner with my ex-wife last Thursday and that was great. We went to my favorite sushi bar and had ourselves a time.

AND, last night I went down to the river for the first time this year to try my luck and wow, luck was shining!

For the past two years the James River has been flooded, so there has been no fishing. I was rather worried about the ecology of it all but last night those fears were put to rest. Landed 15 smallmouth in less than two hours. A couple of them were keepers but I rarely if ever keep a fish. I might just start though, smallmouth taste great and along side the veggies coming out of the garden, da-yum, as us rednecks would say.

The discussion regarding the Downing Street memos, and their implications, and blah blah, has continued over at Dr. C.'s place, and here is the link if you would like to check it out.

I would say that this little discussion over at Doc's place is a microcosim of the larger debate that many people are having or are attempting to have regarding our current president. Well, at least those that are interested in politics and how our nation is being shaped by the policies of the current administration.

I will attempt to post a bunch of stuff over the coming holiday, as I get Monday and Friday off giving me 4 days to work in the yard, work on the roof (i have a metal standing seam roof), go fishing, entertain family, do more landscaping for my mom cuz she's selling her house, try and build some more walls in the garage, fix my jeep...and oh yeah, post as much as I can without getting political.

Hmmm.........sigh. :)

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Blogger Dr. C speaks!

RJ, I just got to your long comment over at my exBlog. Thanks. As usual, I am reassured that my thinking on things isn't off if someone the other side of the generation (two) gap sees things the way I do.
But, you know, we both need to take a long break because there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to change this insanity and it is probably bad for us to worry about it so much. I say that in spite of the fact that the Downing Street Memo is starting to gain traction and Rove may be dangling from a noose in the near future for the Plame affair (this AM it looks like he was the leak).
So, keep on blogging and cross your fingers. Maybe things will turn around.

As the Chinese curse says, "May you live in interesting times."

9:32 AM  
Anonymous SFHill speaks!

I'm w/ dr. c on this one. I thought about posting a response to Mikey, but it isn't worth it.

98 percent of his motivation is to get under someone's skin, and responding just feeds him.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

I understand that completely, it's therapy for me to respond to people like mikey though.

It blows me away how idiotic and clueless these people are and how childish they can be. Sometimes I must stoop to their level to get the point across.

Take the higher road...
Take the higher road...
Take the higher road...

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous speaks!

Mikey left a note for us at Dr. C's place.

I wrote a comment, but didn't post it. I said something like this:

We have not responded because you are a fucking whack job and is not worth the waste of time.

Thought I could come here and vent.


12:26 AM  

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