Thursday, March 23, 2006

Plantin' Time

It's almost here.

This is the space where the veggie garden is grown. This is what it looks like after the long winter and before any prep work begins. When I started the garden in the backyard last year, I discovered the previous owners had brought in a truckload or two of gravel and laid it out in the backyard. It has made preparing the soil for gardening rather difficult. I moved two full wheel barrow loads of gravel out of this space after I tilled last year. The soil is not all that great either, as can be seen by the varying shades of grey, brown and green in the grass. Over time I hope to improve that. (by all means, click on the pics for scrutinization)
This is what it looks like after an hour or so of tilling. The soil looks much better than it did last year, and that's due to the mulch and other organic material that I incorporated. In all of the zucchini mounds, tomato plants, pepper plants, and rows of snap beans, I put in some top soil for them to germinate and grow in. Looks like it has helped a great deal. What you cannot see is directly behind that tree with the 'steps' on it, there is a compost heap. I've tossed all organic material from the garden, yard and kitchen in there and keep it turned regularly. What's in there now will be ready for next years garden. I also raked out another whole wheelbarrow of gravel. I surmise it will take several years before I am comfortable with the amount of gravel that remains, and quit obsessing over raking it out of there.
After the tilling I spread some lime. It helps restore and maintain a healthy pH balance for growing. I don't use any chemical fertilizers, only organic compost. This would include some animal material; specifically egg shells, shrimp shells, crab shells, fish heads, and some small chicken bones. How do you think I can grow peppers like these?

This shot is just before the spreading of the lime, but it has the treehouse project in view. I'm building this thing for my nieces and nephews. That shed you see is actually a good wind away from falling down, and I'm rebuilding it from the outside in. The 2x4's I'm using for the treehouse are actually part of the interior re-framing of the shed, but I thought this would be a better use for them at the moment. I can always buy more lumber.

(The Green Robin inspired this post with her vibrant spring atittude.)

Heh, I've got quite the redneck spread going there huh? ,

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4 Opinions:

Blogger Dr. C speaks!

To damn cold to plant anything. Its freezing here. However, will follow the progress as it goes. I once developed an iron supplement for agriculture (Ferric acetohydroxamate; recipe available on request). Of course, outdated blood packs are also pretty good. They make roses grow!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

"outdated blood packs"

Holy Crap! Not EVEN going to ask...

12:50 PM  
Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

Alright! I'm not taking a picture of my garden. When I look at the tilled garden space you have, I could kick myself for going ahead and planting my potatoes without renting a tiller! Darn. Let's hope you get enough water... but not too much... to have a great harvest!

11:42 PM  
Blogger Dr. C speaks!

So, have you planted the peppers yet, Dr. Pepper?

5:43 PM  

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