Thursday, April 06, 2006

Storm's coming, where's Toto?

April showers bring May flowers.

April hail storms just beat the shit out of everything.

Took this shot from the front porch of el hogar de jalapeño rojo the other night. The research paper I was working on needed a break, plus I was worried about losing power.
Said research paper FINALLY finished and turned in last night.
After many late nights at the library and taking notes and all that, I polished it off with 4 straight days of coffee cake and Italian roast. A sushi fest complete with Kirin and sake occurred right after turning it in.
I-n-d-i-g-e-s-t-i-o-n, but happy.

The topic of the paper you ask? The Scopes Trial.

Turned out to be the largest paper in the class. The professor asked for a 6-8 page research paper and gave out a bunch of topics and of course I chose the Scopes Trial.

Twenty-five pages later it's done BUT, I have asked my professor to critique it thoroughly with the idea that I will continue to work on it when it is returned. I'm having my Lit professor take a look at it too.

My plan is to keep working on this project until I've explored and thoroughly analyzed and documented all aspects of that trial as well as the current and ongoing struggles that relate to it.
There was no way I could even begin to dissect that trial in 8 pages, no way.
What I did produce is still lacking in some aspects that I just could not fit in the paper given the time frame. I wound up reading 7 books in two weeks, plus had to look up a bunch of scriptures in the Bible. Five of the books concerned the Scopes Trial specifically, one book was a sociological study in the Puritan settlement, and one was a sociology text book that covered a wide range of subjects. Of course, I introduced the current battle of the war: intelligent design.

Might not sound like a lot of time and effort but I do have a full-time job that requires travel, and I do go to school full time at night... Needless to say that towards the end there I was fairly stressed and uptight. Lack of sleep combined with excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar can make even the most peaceful and laid back individual a time bomb waiting, no looking, for the fuse to be lit. Whew, can't wait 'til grad school...

My head was about to explooooode! I loved it though.
Here's a shot of the author (me) sitting in front of the computer just before I went outside to take a shot of that storm. The look of someone that has been awake for far too long:

At any rate, now that I am back in the swing and spring has sprung, I hope to bring some more of my hard-hitting and thoroughly biased commentary on the state of our once great nation.

I guess our nation is still great, it's just suffering badly at the hands of the conservative Republican party, aka warmongering - most corrupt - lying - greedy - anti-gay - anti-choice - anti-American - xenophobic - heartless - fundamentalist-religious-zealot - fraternity of idiots.

Did I leave anything out?

Actually I did. There is a student in my Lit class that was in Iraq as an MP guarding and escorting fuel convoys. She has agreed to allow me to interview her and post the interview here. She has also volunteered to turn me on to other soldiers that have come back, for more interviews. After initially speaking with her about it, it is quite clear that the story the administration is attempting to feed the American public is complete bullshit.

The interviews will be Q and A style, and I will offer no opinion. She and her cohorts have been there, seen it, lived it. It will be my questions and their answers in their words. I don't know when the first one will be up, but I'm anxious to get that ball rolling.

In the meantime, please visit Dr. C, Gorilla Guides, fizhog, Old White Lady, and all the other blogs on my tiny blogroll link list. There's a lot of good stuff out there that will make you think.

Gonna warn ya though, the Doc, Gorilla and fizhog don't fuck around. ,

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Blogger Dr. C speaks!

DarkSyde has a good post about creationism over on DailyKos:
Know Your Creationists: Michael Behe
by DarkSyde
Sat Apr 08, 2006 at 06:35:50 AM PDT

Ah, Dayton, Tennessee. Right up there with Soddy Daisy.

11:16 AM  
Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

Gonna warn ya though, the Doc, Gorilla and fizhog don't fuck around.

And I do???? ;)

Nice pictures.. Of the storm clouds and of the author.:+:

12:35 AM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

No OWL you don't, however, I like to visit your site as a respite from the other focus of Iraq. I guess I should've explained that.

It's like taking a little vacation for a few minutes. You do share your political thoughts and it is much needed, but you manage to balance it all out with all of the other things and pictures you post.

I need to learn how to balance it out, but right now I'm having difficulty with the reality of what is happening to our once great nation, where it seems to be heading, and the total lack of understanding by a large part of our populace. That part of the populace that seems to support this idiot of a president and his genocidal thought process.

I no longer am fascinated by the religious right; anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-war and pro-gun. I am thorougly disgusted and have lost my ability to attempt to reason with them. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can be anti-abortion and yet pro-war.

I guess as long as it's Iraqi babies being murdered, Iraqi children being murdered, starving, and being maimed for life it's ok.

Why isn't the religous right screaming about Iraqi children?
That same crowd wants Muslims to decrie car bombings, that same crowd that calls medical professionals that perform abortions in this country murderers, will not stand up and decrie a wholesale genocide of Iraqi children by the U.S. military led by the very man they voted into office.

I've lost my patience with them.
I've lost my tolerance for them.
If they cannot see themselves for what they are and what they propogate, what good are they for this world and mankind?

I really want someone to answer that question.

Thanks for the kind words, you're a sweet old white lady. :)

7:07 PM  
Blogger oldwhitelady speaks!

Aw, Redjalapeno, I was just giving you a rough time. I was afraid you'd been down at the Senior Citizens Center on dance night. I swear, I did not allow old Mr. just-got-my-Viagra-prescription-filled corner me in the darkened back room! I don't care what anyone says, I didn't!!!

The religious right makes me sick. They are such hypocritical bastards! Men and women alike. They fill me with disgust. I've often wondered how these jerks can assuage their consciences with the pro-war schtick, but be so against abortions. I don't get why it's such a bad thing to have gay marriages. How can marriage be so sanctified when there are so many divorces, and/or sex with someone other than their spouse? Those religious nuts have their share, too.
As you say: If they cannot see themselves for what they are and what they propogate, what good are they for this world and mankind? I have no answer for that!

9:23 PM  

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