Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Alaska Report

We all know how stubbornly dillusional Bush is but his latest round of theatrics since the National Intelligence Estimate was released is kind of frightening to me. Not sure what everyone else is seeing but I observe a man that is hell bent on destroying every country in the Middle East. There is something purely evil and confident in his eyes and demeanor when he starts railing against (insert Middle East nation here) and their supposed threat to the United States.
I wonder if the guy suffers from night terrors. Typically they are more common in children, who may 'wake' up screaming and crying and are inconsolable as you try to comfort them.
I wonder if he'll become completely unglued by the time his term is over...barring impeachment in the meantime.
That's something else I wonder about; how much more does this fool get to fuck up completely before he gets shown the door?
If only he'd get a blowjob or something...