Friday, January 12, 2007


Dr. C is having a wonderful discussion concerning Neanderthals and information. The discussion(s) are much wider than just these two aspects and I encourage any and all fools that stumble across this site to go check it out.

Go here and explore.

This discussion coincides with a course I am currently taking: Cultural Anthropology.
Dr. C describes himself as a curious laymen but it's wholly obvious to me he should describe himself as a "highly intelligent curious laymen".


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Vermont, New York, UVM

The Vermont side of Lake Champlain.

The New York side of Lake Champlain.

The University of Vermont

A dork, with Vermont in the background.
Yes, I'm the dork. ,

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Lake Champlain

Riding the ferry from the Vermont side over to the New York side. The Adirondack Mountains are in the background. ,

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

University of Vermont

Happy New Year everybody.

(click for larger view)

This is part of the campus at the University of Vermont. It is an absolutely beautiful campus and environment. Burlington is a very laid back city and I totally dig the vibe there.
Lake Champlain is right there and New York is a ferry ride away. New Hampshire next door, Boston not far away, an hour plus to Montreal, and Nova Scotia is in reach.
However, it is only one of approximately 22 schools I'm currently looking at for completion of my bachleors degree.

I have a lot - an enormous amount - of stuff to do between now and say...asap, in order to get this ball rolling. Must fill out financial aide forms, must sell house, must quit job, must give away or sell 95% of my worldly possessions, must get accepted and pack my stuff up and get on my way. Oh, must cull down the selection of schools to a number I can manage to apply to before the deadline passes.

Blogging will take a decidely different turn in the coming weeks. Politics has really burned me out and taken the joy out of life in general. Half of the blog links on my tiny blogroll linky list have died or moved. Updates on all that when I get a chance - maybe this weekend. The 'new' vibe will be more educational and less ranty, or maybe more educational and more ranty depending on what pisses me off on a given day.

Meanwhile: a sectarian lynching of Saddam Hussien on the web for all to see. Merely a comma, a hyphen or a space in the story of the worst blunder by the United States government since Vietnam. (Hat tip to George Bush Jr. for this blight on humanity that will be with us for a looooooooong time).
Perhaps the Iraq War - wait: The invasion of Iraq by the United States and the subsequent humanitarian disaster will be the subject of my studies in the future. Criminology and Political Science are two things that I cannot seem to get enough of even though both topics often bring me to tears. Literally.

What this world needs now is a couple of superheros. Not the kind with capes or freaky powers like running fast or being invisible, but the kind with brains and hearts, hearts and brains.

We're doomed. ,