Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday Blues

It's a full on Monday here at The Pepper Farm.

It was raining-snowing this morning, my leaky jeep has a puddle in the floor board, and I saw an interview with Condi Rice yesterday.

The topic was Iran and also she was asked if she would run for Prez in 2008. She said she will not run for prez. As much as the spectacle of Rice and Clinton running for prez at the same time would be...would be...well, a spectacle, I would rather see two viable candidates running.

Not feeling up to debunking some of her statements regarding Iran. Suffice to say there was a ton of hypocrisy in there.

The kind of hypocrisy that was also leveled at Taiwan. Ya know, that little island that wants democracy and independence from China? Well, the official policy from Chimpy et al is that Taiwan should not be attempting such a thing.

I've got an idea. Why doesn't Taiwan pretened to have WMD's, throw around some anti-semitic remarks, and mabye Chimpy will go in with guns blazing and liberate the Taiwanese just like he did the Iraqis?

Just a thought, that's all.

Back to 2008:

We certainly cannot afford another Bush in the White House, or another neocon/republican/religous-right/anti-gay/might makes right/ type in there either.

Hopefully, as the 'polls' show, more people are waking up to Chimpy's admin and what a mess it is. Sooner or later the people that voted Bush and the people that did not vote at all will get sick of Iraq, realize it's a false war based on false premises and the end result is not democracy. Add to this debacle the beautiful job he is doing here on the homefront...

Those Repubs are total loyalists though. I think Bush could call his mother a terrorist and Ashcroft could send her to Guantanamo, and those that voted for him would vote for him again.

Hard to say what will happen in 2008. I would have never guessed that Chimpy would've been elected for a second term. He should thank Osama for that.

Think about that. If Osama did not attack the WTC, what on earth would Chimpy be doing now??

On a much happier note, my sister is due with twins in late April early May, and good friend Colleen is preggo with a child due in September, her second. My sis is having a boy and a girl, which is cool because they already have 3 boys and one girl. Yes, they apparently love to breed.

Posting is erratic as of late, and that's just the way it has to be for a while. Too freakin' busy with school, family and work.

Have a wonderful day!

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Blogger Recidivist speaks!

Cool commentary and blog.

I have a question for you: Given your own views on your governments stance on Iran, do you that you as an individual American citizen are being misrepresented in the eyes of the world? Or do you perhaps trust that the majority of the citizens of the world are clued up enough to understand the difference between the government and the people.

I ask this because I personally have a sense that in the westernised countries where we tend not to align so strongly along religious lines, we have been pretty successful at directing the disgust at Bush and his administration; but that in countries where the opposition has a more religious lead, the boundaries between the American government and the American people have unfortunately become a little blurred.

I was wondering how it felt to you.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Redjalapeno speaks!

recidivist, thanks for the nice words and the great question.

I think it's a combinatinon of both, however I do believe the majority of world citizens can see the difference. My English professor and her husband travel abroad every summer. They have said that most people can identify with them as people, and actually do like to discuss the current administration with them.

Your assessment of the religous lines are dead on. The Iraq war is often called 'that religous war' by some people here.

You point to what I believe is a widening gap between secular and non-secular socities and countries.

I think as the human animal collectively progresses that religion will slowly fade. Talkin' geological time here... The human animal may not survive to see that time, and possibly due to the negative fervor of religion. (ie: two religous nuts leading two of the superpowers against each other and thereby fulfilling their destiny of the end times)

Don't get me wrong, we all seek spirituality but we all seek it in different ways. The young people I talk to seem more and more skeptical about conventional religion. Most of them are undecided at this point, and some are totally entrenched in a particular sect. The war in Iraq is a factor, but not the overwhelming factor. Think about being 22 and what the world looked like to you when you were that age and what it looks like now. Think about 20 somethings now and how they view the world, what they see and what they are learning.

The lines you talk about have been brewing for a while, not just with the current admin. Bush and his ideology have certainly stoked that fire.

Once I have over-analyzed and over-thought this more, a blog post is in order.

Thanks for contributing to the fray!

10:10 AM  

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