Friday, April 01, 2005

No Kidding!?!

It has been obvious for some time now that Saddam was not involved with WMD’s nearly to the extent Bush & Co. implied. Ok, not at all.

Bush has said repeatedly that “knowing what I know now, I would’ve still gone into Iraq.” Does that mean anything to you?

Let me rephrase what he said: “I’m going to war with Iraq, regardless.”

So, and correct me if I’m wrong, the WMD’s storyline was fabricated by tenuous evidence at best. ‘Evidence’ being the operative word here.

I saw the show Colin Powell put on for the U.N. I was quite skeptical of it then, due to the fact that inspectors were already in Iraq and had been for some time and were saying that WMD’s just were not there.

Saddam was under an international microscope. His neighbors hated him. He was a dictator trying to save face in a hostile neighborhood that was in part pissed at him because of the first Gulf War. Didn’t see any country in the middle east rushing to ally up with Iraq the first time around did we? Nor the second.

An argument could be made that nobody allied with Iraq due to the fact it was the U.S. they were fighting and surely nobody wants to go up against the U.S.

Using that logic, and the previous logic (mine), and any other logic you want to use, Saddam was not a “threat to the security of the world” in any catastrophic sense.

Does anyone truly believe that Saddam was a threat to the world and possessed WMD’s at this stage of the game, meaning today? I understand some people were duped by Bushies overblown hyperbole and rhetoric and fear in the beginning, but do those same people still believe the threat and the terrorist connections Saddam supposedly enjoyed?

Ok. We’ve got a two-term prez that led us into a war based on false premises and faulty intelligence.

We’ve got a privatization of social security plan that makes as much sense as the war in Iraq. No specifics from the preznit, just lots of “ it’s broken it’s broken it’s broken.”

We’ve got the Bushies involving the government at the highest level in a private family manner. Save Schiavo! Wait, didn’t Bush sign into law something that might counter his current photo op? What about states rights that are supposedly one of the hallmarks of conservatism?

We’ve got Texan Tom Delay, ‘nuff said.

We’ve got this.

We’ve got this too.

Fiscal skills.

Let’s not forget the military service of this administration.

Who won those Presidential debates?

Which candidate actually fought in a war, got shot at, those kinds of things?

Somebody please explain the rationale for voting for Bush, and more importantly are you happy with your decision and the outcome?

If the current GOP pattern continues, do you see this as a good thing or a bad thing for America, and the world? (ya know, since America is a world leader)

Here’s trick question: Who do you think is truly more dangerous to the world:

A) Saddam Hussein
B) George Bush
C) The Tooth Fairy

Don’t know who you’ll pick, but personally if I see that damn tooth fairy sneakin’ round my hood again I’m gonna pop a cap in it's fairy ass.

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Blogger Recidivist speaks!

"pop a cap in it's fairy ass"

You couldn't get more euphemisms in that if you tried, could you?


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